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Bob & Rick on Monroe with J & R Guide Service

Hi Rusty, It looks like you guys had a great time on your annual camping trip at Monroe. It looks like the catfishing was great but I was really impressed by that great looking bunch of crappies and bluegills. You all did great!!! Did any of the crappies still have eggs. Are they back in deep water now? I am trying to get back up there and I am wondering where to start looking. Also, I want to thank you for the great outing that my brother, Rick, and I had with you two weeks ago. It turned out exactly like we hoped it would. We wanted to target bigger crappies and you put us in some great spots with those big grubs. I am always impressed by how well you know that lake and know what the crappies are doing. It was not only a very productive day, but really a fun day. Thank you, Rusty. Bob in Louisville ...View Details

Alex before school fishing trip 09

Alex wants to let Rusty know that they caught 92 fish. He counted them as soon as we got home! The boys had a great time--thank you so much for a memorable before school starts trip! ...View Details

Summertime Crappie 7/13/09

Hi Rusty, Thanks again for a great day of fishing yesterday. It was a gorgeous summer day and it was a pleasure to be out on the water with you on such a beautiful morning. I am always impressed with how well you know the lake and where to go given the conditions (even in the dog days of summer). I always feel like I have learned something more about crappie fishing every time we go. I look forward to our next trip. Thank you, Rusty. Kentucky Bob ...View Details

Greg Sievers on Monroe 5/25/09

Hi Rusty. We cooked that big walleye for supper tonight, it was the most delicious fish I ever tasted. We`re all pretty big eaters, but we couldn`t polish off the entire fish at one sitting. Many of the crappies including that monster you caught were chock full of eggs. We put nine bags of fish in the freezer today. I appreciate the tip you gave me about icing them down and cleaning them the next day. That has worked out very well for us. Austin will be talking about that fishing trip for a long time. Thanks again. Greg Sievers ...View Details

Turkey Slayer Jake

Terrific Time Comments: Hi, Rusty thank you for the combo Blast and Cast package you put together for Jake and me.I know we will always have wonderful memories of our day turkey hunting and crappie fishing with you. You definitely made the day fun and exciting and Jake already wants to come back.It`s special people like you who take the time to work with youth and can make a lasting impression for a lifetime.Thank you again ,talk to you soon.Keith and Turkey Slayer Jake ...View Details

Monroe Crappie Show with Midwest Crappie - April 2009

Congratulations, you guys deserve this. I have been following your fishing outings for the past couple of years and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all the great fishing information you provide, especially at Lake Monroe. I just started flshing a year ago and try to fish Monroe on a regular basis. Since it is such a large lake, it has taken me a while to learn how and where to find bass, walleyes, crappies, and hybrid stripers. You guys have helped me in learning and fishing this great lake. Keep it up, I always try to refer people to you. Bill "Bassinbill" Wilhite ...View Details

Miller `s Big Buck with J & R

-Harvested by Cary D. Miller 27, of Lowell, IN on 11/18/08 at 7:50am in Lawrence co. IN (private property – farm) with 12 ga. Remington 870 express. -Measurements: Mainframe 10 pointer with 1 inch kicker on right antler base, 21 inch spread, roughly scored at 160+, waiting 60 days to have scored by Boone and Crockett. Story: My father, my uncle and I were hunting with J+R outfitters in Lawrence co. IN for the 3rd and 4th day of firearms season. The first day was tough to say the least. It was cold, windy, rainy, overcast, and the deer were just not moving. The only deer I saw that day was a small doe I kicked up on my way to my afternoon stand. My dad did harvest a doe that evening, but he was the only one to even see a deer from his stand that day. I was hoping for better conditions the next day, as it was our last day to hunt, and my prayers were answered. Tuesday, November 18, 2008 is a day I’ll never forget. We decided to move locations, and hunt a huge farm that had not yet been hunted throughout bow and gun season. My stand was about 100 yards away from a creek bottom, on a fairly steep hill, with open field at the top. The wind had died down, the clouds moved out overnight, rain subsided, and the temperature increased a couple degrees. It was a beautiful morning to hunt, and I knew so as soon as I got in my stand. Literally 2 minutes after attaching my safety harness to the tree and getting clipped in, I saw a doe walking the creek. From that moment on, it was nonstop action. From 6:00am to 7:30am I saw about 20-25 deer all around me. Mostly does, and button bucks, with the exception of 1 small one antlered spike buck chasing a doe down to the creek. I had plenty of opportunities to harvest some nice does; one actually walked directly under my stand, but I knew that with so much action around me, a big buck was bound to walk by. At 7:40 am, 10-12 does walked in a single file line about 30 yards to the right of my stand. I let them pass, and things died down for about 10 minutes. At 7:50 am, I heard a doe jogging out of the woods behind me. Besides the lone doe walking the creek early morning, it was the first doe I had seen by herself, so I knew there was a good chance a buck was hot on her trail. And boy was I right. Just 3 to 4 yards behind her I heard something coming and all I saw was antlers coming out of the woods. He was grunting, snorting, wheezing, and pawing at the ground putting on a show. He stopped about 25 yards from my stand and I didn’t hesitate. I took the shot; down he went. I hit him low in the front shoulder and he went down but he was trying to get back up. I wasn’t going to let that happen. At that point the only shot I had was a neck shot, so I took it, and he expired just a couple minutes later. I didn’t even know how big he was until I walked up to him and his rack just kept getting bigger and bigger. It is by far the largest whitetail me, or anyone in my family has ever harvested. I feel truly blessed to have taken such a majestic animal, as evidenced by many veteran hunters I have showed my buck to, who have told me “that is the buck of a lifetime.” Believe me, it was was the best day of my life . This Buck had a composite score of 175 7/8 . After deductiond it Officially scored 154 7/8 . ...View Details

Bryan Brooks

Rusty, We all had a great time. We will talk of the two days we spent fishing for years to come. You and Tom were very patient, pleasant and considerate. The fish fry was very thoughtful and much appreciated. Thank you for thinking to take the photos and taking the time to send them to me. I do hope we will get a chance to repeat the trip to your beautiful office. Look me up if you are ever down this way. ...View Details

Bob and Rick Cochran

Hi Rusty, Thank you very much for a very enjoyable fishing trip last Friday. It was really just the kind of outing that I was hoping for for my brother. Catching some crappies (and catfish) was great for him. Sitting in the shade with a nice breeze, joking around and eating good ham sandwiches made it even better. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it, as well. I filleted every one Saturday morning and have them carefully packed away in the freezer. If I do not hook up with you for fishing in the meantime, my wife and I are interested in going on one of your rabbit hunts this Fall. As I mentioned, I also hope to try your turkey hunting next Spring (probably Friday, May 8). It is a pleasure to fish with you, and I have learned a lot on each trip. Anyway, thanks again for a great outing. Bob in Louisville (Curly) ...View Details

Bob Cochran from Louisville KY.

Hi Rusty (Curly), Thank you for a very enjoyable day last Friday. I was very glad to finally get to fish with you. Larry and I had a great time. I will never think of "popsicle" the same way again. I put the fish on ice that night and scaled and filleted them all Saturday morning. We ate most of them at a fish fry with friends last night. Outstanding! Many of the fish did not have eggs and the rest seemed ready to spawn. The two big ones still had eggs, but they looked ready to go. It may be over very soon. Please keep me in mind for the topwater striper action at Patoka. We still want to do that. ...View Details

Benny Westerfield

Just wanted to e-mail to let you guys know how much I appreciate the job you are doing on your website with keeping an updated fishing report . I have used these reports many times this year when planning my fishing trips . Thanks again . Benny ...View Details

Steve and Wanda from ILL .

Dear J & R : We have fished with Guides in three States but have never enjoyed the full service that J & R Guides provide. You both have great personalities and build fun into your charters . We both had a great time. Steve and Wanda ...View Details

Firestone Company 8/29/07

Dear Rusty: We are finally back in the office. Thanks for sending the pictures; they are great! Thanks for all your efforts. Everyone had a wonderful time! Kathy ...View Details

Firestone Company and J & R Guide Service on Patoka Lake

Firestone Company joins J & R Guide Service for a Fun filled Tour of Patoka Lake on the Party Boat . ...View Details

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