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Welcome To J&R Guide Services Inc.
Welcome to J&R Guide Services Inc. , the spot for hunting and fishing enthusiasts looking for exciting outdoor adventures. J&R Guide Service is the only full time and full service Guides on Patoka Lake and  Monroe Reservoir . When we say Full Time we mean 12 months per year . If you are ready  , we are ready . We work hard to be the best guide service for any hunting or fishing activity you will find in Southern Indiana! J & R Guide Service Inc. has invested considerable time and effort to create a guide service that can provide you virtually any type of guided hunting or fishing activity you are looking for!
 J & R  provides the following Services:
  • Crappie, Bluegill, Yellow Bass , Catfish , Largemouth Bass 
  • Whitetail Deer , Turkey ,  
  • Group Lake Tours and Fishing Combo Pkg. 
  • *** Fishing Charters on Monroe Reservoir 
  • *** Fishing Charters on Patoka Lake
  • NEW  ***  Fishing Charters  on West Boggs Creek Lake for Catfish
  • *** To Book Call  812-797-9904  

   Gift Certificates for birthdays and special occassions ,  e-mail james.collier.2188@comcast.net   for more info.

J & R Guide Service will be offering PADI Scuba Diving Certification courses in 2014

J & R Guide Service Shark Dive in Roatan Nov. 2010 - 




Paul Meyers on Boggs Creek with J and R  on  4/17/14

Larry Koerner with J & R on Patoka Lake on  4/9/14

Monroe Reservoir  April  2 - 2014

Sam ,  Terry , Patrick and Adam with   J & R  12/30/13 

Floerke Buck   12/18/13

James Thomas blisters another one  on  11/29/13

Trace Hawkins  Buck  11/23/13

Jim Taylor Buck  on  11/20/13

Max Sonns 9pt  Buck with J & R on  11/18/13

Rustys 8 pt  Buck  on  11/18/13

Jenifer Ressett  6pt  Buck  with J & R  on   11/16/13

Jenifer Ressetts Doe  11/16/13

Andrew Dodson 7pt  Buck  with J & R  on   11/16/13

Dillon with J & R on  11/16/13

JT ,  Garrett and Dillon with J & R on  11-9-13

Miachel , Reece , Adam and Sam with J & R on  11-8-13

Rustys Best Buck  To  Date , Lawrence County


Mike Sonneborn and Rice Laughlin on Boggs Lake with J & R on 10/11/13

JT and Dillon Pruett youth hunt  9/28/13           Deer  # 2 for JT

Alex Hughs on Monroe with  J & R  on  9/28/13

JT Pruett Youth Hunt  9/28/13

Jerry & Brad Ritter , John Seelman and Mike Atkins on Monroe  9/27/13

Paul Meyers and Rusty C. on Boggs Creek Lake on    9/24/13

Edmund , Edmund and Clark Ackerman on Monroe   8/16/13

Paul Myers on Patoka with J & R on  8/13/13

Tom , Carlos and Sebastan Schemmel on Monroe with J and R on 8/6/13

Tim , Ryan and Johnathon Eichem on Monroe with J & R  on  7/26/13

Karl and Josh with J & R  on 7/20/13

Michael , Sam , Adam , Garrett and JT on Monroe with J & R on 6/27/13

Corey Mack on Patoka  with J & R on  6/22/13

Corey Mack on Patoka with J & R  on  6/21/13

Bill Jenner and Freinds on Monroe with J & R on 6/18/13 catchin Gills


Monroe Reservoir 6/10/13

Gene Wilson and friend on Monroe with J & R on 6/8/13

Rene McComb on Monroe with J & R  on  6/7/13

Doug Carter on Monroe with    J & R      6/13


Rusty on Monroe      6/13

Dillon and JT Pruett on Monroe on  6/4/13

Dillon Pruett shows off  his Bass fishing skills on   5/31/13

Doug Carter on Monroe with J & R on  5/29/13

Garrett Floerke with J & R  on  5/28/13

Makia and Kamika Mitchell with Patoka Channel `Cats on  5/25/13

J & R Clients on Monroe  on  5/19/13

Nick Faust with J & R on Monroe on  5/18/13 

Margo & Wes Galloway on Monroe with J & R on   5/18/13

Ralph Payne and Son with J & R on Monroe  5/16/13

Rodney , Joey and Karre Latshaw with J & R on  Monroe on 5/11/13

Big Mean Monroe Wiper  5/10/13

JT and Dillon Pruett on Monroe with J & R on  5/4/13

John & Mary Weller on Monroe with J & R on  5/3/13

Eric Soergel with J & R on Patoka on  5/1/13

Mark & Scott Kowall with J & R on Patoka on 5/1/13

John & Sharon Studer on Patoka with J & R on  4/29/13

Pete D`Amour Gobbler with J & R on  4/24/13

Trace Hawkins Gobbler  4/20/13

Patoka Lake 3/29/13

Wanda and Cathy with J & R  on Monroe

Arthur Collier on Patoka Lake with J & R   

How bout some Shroons to go with the Crappie ?

Seth and Blake Miller on Monroe with J & R

Nate on Monroe with J & R  

Michael Underwood on Monroe with J & R


JT Pruett with J & R on Monroe

Karl Kalonka from Extreme Angler TV with J & R on Monroe

Karl Kalonka and Rusty of J & R  while shooting Exteme Angler TV series Monroe 

Double Toms



Bob Corcan on Monroe with J & R    


JT Pruett on Monroe with J & R 

                                                   Gage`s Trophy Monroe Crappie


Dillon and JT`s HAWG Monroe Reservoir Crappie



 To Book Call   cell  812 - 797 - 9904

J & R Guide Service Inc.

2188 Vinegar Hill Rd.

Bedford , Indiana   47421


 To receive a personel , up to date fishing report , for Monroe Reservoir and Patoka Lake ,  in 2009 , please send your e-mail  adress to james.collier.2188@comcast.net  . A current report will be sent to your PC with -in two hours of the end of each charter . You can also expect current water temperatures and Lake conditions .




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