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Welcome To J&R Guide Services Inc.
This website is for fishing and hunting enthusiasts looking for exciting outdoor adventure . We work hard to be the best guide service for any hunting or fishing activity you will find in Southern Indiana! J & R Guide Service Inc. has invested considerable time and effort to create a guide service that can provide you or up to 6 friends or family members at a time some fun times on the water .
                     *** WE WELCOME CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!!  ***
J & R  provides the following Services:

    Crappie, Bluegill, Yellow Bass , Catfish  Whitetail Deer   
    Group Lake Tours and Fishing Combo Pkg.
    ***Fishing Charters on Boggs Creek Lake 

      *** Fishing Charters on Monroe Reservoir 
    *** Fishing Charters on Patoka Lake
    ***  Fishing Charters  on Lake Lemon
    *** To Book Call  812-797-9904 
    812-797-9904 .

       Gift Certificates for birthdays and special occassions ,  e-mail   james.collier.2188@comcast.net or call text  812-797-9904  for more info.

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    J and R Guide Service is a proud sponsor of the BackWoods Bluegrass Band

    To Book them at your Church or Family event call




    Jack & Linda LaDuke on Monroe 8/14/17

    Bedford Boat Club 8/13/14

    Thurgood Billingsly caught  90 Bluegill on Monroe with J & R on 8/9/17

    The Cat Men on Patoka 8/2/17

    Tony & Autumn on Monroe with J & R on 8/4/17

    Harold & Tylor on Monroe with J & R on  8/5/17 

    JT  Hammerin the Salt Creek Cats  7/25/17

    Maki Mitchell with J & R on 7/24/17

    Ethan Dodson on Monroe with J & R on 7/18/17

    Monroe Channel Cats 7/10/17

    Ben Lawalin  on Monroe 7/13/17

    Big Monroe Channel Cat 7/10/17

    White River Flathead 7/6/17

    Jason Gassaway , Austin Harpor & Aaron Tackett on Monroe with J & R on 7/3/17

    Kenray Lake  6/27/17

    Garrett , Makia , Dillon & JT on Boggs Lake  6/20/17

    Ross & ED on Lemon 6/3/17

    Trolling Fish -n- Spins  6/2/17

    Dillon with a Pig 6/2/17

    Lawrence  & Juliana on Boggs 5/30/17

    West Boggs producing large Bluegills 5/24/17

    West Boggs Crappie on 5/23/17

    Cathy on West Boggs Lake 5/22/17

    Tom Roark , Tom Pritts , Scott Chastain , Gary Ellis & Joe Ellis on Boggs 5/19/17

    Charlie & Gail Miller on Monroe 5/16/17

    Monroe Reservoir 5/13/17

    Rustys 2017 TOM  5/3/17

    Zach Rager on Lemon with J & R on 4/29/17

    Kenny Motley & Charles Bell with J & R on 4/27/17

    Kevin & Joy Smith with J & R on 4/25/17

    JT`s First Turkey 4/23/17

    Greg Sievers on Lemon with J & R on 4/20/17

    Loyd Albert , Brad & Drew Braille with J & R on 4/14/17

    Philips on Monroe with J & R on 3/30/17

    Quentin & Tina Chapman on Boggs with J & R on 3/29/17 

    Paul Myers on Boggs with J & R on 3/28/17

    Chris Prado , JT & Dillon on Monroe 3/17/17

    Kyle Wayman on Monroe with J & R on 3/4/17

    Troy & Kyle on Monroe with J & R on 3-4-17

    Austin & Rusty 2017

    Austin & JT Goose Hunt 12/19/16

    Jay Morris with J & R 2016

    JTs First Muzzle Loader Kill 2016

    Dillon Buck 11/25/16

    JT & Pap fillin the freezer 11/25/16

    Pruett Brothers Strike Again 11/24/16

    Ed Martin & Zach Rager on Monroe 11/23/16

    Rusty Buck  11/20/16

    My Friends at my Tree Stand

    Austin Buck 11/19/16

    Summer Sasage for Fishin Trip Snacks

    Carey Miller Buck  11/13/16

    Brent Ressett Buck  11/13/16

    Jennifer Ressett 11/12/13

    Bill Jenner & George Hill on Monroe 11/10/16

    Mike Fiddler on Monroe 11/9/16

    Austin & Hannah Big Doe 11/5/16

    Jim Pike on Monroe 11/4/16

    Cathy Ann on Monroe 11/2/16

    Austin Harpor Buck 10/24/16

    Mark , Zach & Tyler Galyean on Monroe 10/21/16

    JT Pruett crossbow hunt 10/18/16

    Cindy & Kent Brown on Monroe 10/14/16

    Ted and Jim Pike on Lemon  10/6/16

    Ed Callahan , Ron Wright and LC McAwley on Monroe  10/4/16

    Kenny & Rhicard Ekola  on Lemon 9/21/16

    Zac Hupp & JT Pruett on White River  9/6/16

    Bill Schneider & Bruce Frey on Lake Lemon 8/18/16

    Payton on Lemon on 8/11/16

    Dominique on Lemon 8/11/16

    Doug Howard and Joe Allen on Patoka 8/10/16

    Brandon Cason , Matt Statdfield , Jason Mullins and Steve Byers on Patoka  8/10/16

    Ben Pritchett & Derek Gross on Patoka on 8/7/17

    Michael , Dillon , JT and Garrett on Lemon on 8/4/16

    Alex & Joe East & JT on Patoka 8/1/16

    Joe on Patoka on  8/1/16

    Dillinger Family on Lake Lemon 7/31/16

    Chrystal & Clayton Pourciau , David & Cale Comeaux , Ed Zehr on  Lake Lemon 7/29/16 

    Nels & Jack Benson on Lake Lemon 7/26/16

    Greg Weber & Son on Lemon  7/23/16

    Greg , Ryan and Keith Hickenbottom  on Patoka Lake on 7/13/16

    Nick`s big Cat on Patoka  7/9/16

    Lindsay Huffman and Nick Vogt on Lemon 7/9/16

    Eric Rush family on Lake Lemon  7/9/16

    Mike Anderson & Mark Norris on Lake Lemon on  7/17/16

    Zach Rafer on Lake Lemon  7/7/16

    Coy Martin on Lake Lemon 7/7/16

    Garrett & James Thomas on Monroe 6/29/16

    JT  the Catman on Monroe 6/17/16

    JT  Pruett on White River on 6/12/16

    Ed Zehr and Ross on Lemon on 6/11/16

    Mr & Mrs Jason Myers on Lemon with J & R on 6/9/16

    Jim Taylor & Arthur Collier on Lemon 6/8/16

    Mark & Zach on Lemon with J & R on 6/5/16

    Tyler Maddox and Harold Gregory on Lemon with
    J & R on  6/3/16

    Kenny Simmerman and Larry Summerton on Lemon with J & R on 6/2/16

    Lawrence and Juliana Robertson on Lemon with
    J & R  0n  5/31/16

    Niki Crane on Monroe with J & R on 5/30/16

    Eric Myer on Lake Lemon  5/29/16

    Monroe Reservoir 5/28/16

    Monroe Reservoir with J & R on 5/28/16

    Chris , Leslie and Sammy Johnson on Lemon with
    J & R on 5/25/16

    Bill Jenner and George Hill on Lemon with J & R on  5/25/16

    Jay &  Jason Strauss on Lemon with J & R on 5/24/16

    Luke , Steve , Andrew , Justin , Don , Jesse on Monroe with J & R on  5/21/16

    Terry Banks on Lake Lemon with J & R on 5/19/16

    The Crappie Spawn is on 5/18/16

    Joe East on Lemon with J & R on 5/17/16

    Paul Meyer on Lake Lemon 5/14/16

    Tom Brant & Sig Meyer on Lake Lemon on 5/13/16

    Austin Harpor Turkey Hunt with J & R  5/12/16

    Rusty on Lake Lemon 5/11/16

    Eric Soergel on Lake Lemon on  5/6/16

    Adam Borgnine & Family on Lemon on  4/30/16

    Junjie Huang , Rongbal Xue , Junlin Liu , Si Chen , Xu Zhang on Monroe with J & R on 4/29/16

    Dawson Sons on Monroe on 4/24/16

    Paul Myer , Ron Streeter and George Lamaster on White River 4/23/16

    Garrett Floerke on 4/22/16

    Harlan Richardson on Patoka 4/17/16

    Tom & Debbie Childs on Monroe  4/14/16


    Dawson Sons with J & R  on  11/21/15

    Josh Dalton Buck 11/16/15

    Cary Miller  9 Pointer with J & R on  11/16/15 

    Brent Resett with J & R  on 11/15/15

    Dillon Pruett with  J& R 


    Garrett and JT last Crappie trip on Lemon

    Cathy Collier on Lake Lemon with J & R on  5/15/15

    Roger and David Hanranek on Lake Lemon with J & R on 5/12/15

    Bill Jenner . George and George on Lake Lemon with J & R on 5/11/15

    Paul Myers on Lake Lemon with J & R on  5/8/15

    What a way to start the morning 

    Cathy Collierwit J &   5/7/1

    Jerry , Al and Carlos on Patoka Lake with J & R  on  5

    Rob and Jim Albright  onLLonth J & Rn 5/5/1

    J and R  on the trapline  1/5/2015

    Jennifer Russett  Buck with J and R on  11/22/14

    JT Pruett First Buck with J and R on 11/15/14

    Luke Wargo



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